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Re: 2.4.3 + X 4.0.2 + star office = dead box

"Gerd Bürger" wrote:
> Hi,
> >Try running an xosview and watching your usage creep up.  If you're
> >really desperate to use StarOffice, try adding an extra swapfile as
> >described in mkswap(8) and swapon(8).
> Same problem for me. I only have 8Mb memory and 30Mb swap. vmstat
> shows the swapping (very!) slowly increasing, with heavy disk
> activity.
> X applications run relatively fast, so it seems to come from
> StarOffice.

  staroffice starts slowly on any machine, I have 1GHz pentium and 128MB
RAM and it still takes much longer to start staroffice then all other
apps (only netscape comes close). I think it's because of disk traffic,
I use gkrellm to watch the swap, disks, load and cpu load does not go
very high, it's mostly the disk, sometime swap (depending on how much
memory was already used).

  kernel 2.4.2 (I think) has some VM problems, it is encouraged to use
-ac patch (at least 18?), I had some problems - when netscape is running
for a long time it takes up almost all the memory, when I start
something memory intensive at that point the load on machine goes high
(1000% and the mouse pointer is almost not moving, the window do not
change fucos in an HOUR or more!), the machine is basically unusable
(not sure if it would come back to its senses, I never waited more then
few hours). But I guess this was fixed in 2.4.3


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