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Re: #!/bin/bash

> or just install ash and symlink sh -> ash
> It makes a big difference on a slow machine, especially when
> installing packages ({pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts are always sh).
> <...>
>> So to this end, Require'ing ash would add to the system overhead since (I
>> reckon) 98% of people would need to have ash installed for them, instead
>> of just using a standard package that everyone has already...
> ash has an installed size of ~168k, and can result in commands being
> executed faster than bash can be loaded up on a slow machine... well
> worth it (as is using mingetty on the console instead of getty).

laptops are a prime example of something you want to boot fast and when using
it minimize CPU usage.

If you find a script that could be a plain sh script, submit a wislist bug.

Some initd scripts are the ones shipped by the upstream.

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