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Re: [MAPS #33478] Re: Whats goin on?

On 3 Apr 2001, Alan Shutko wrote:

> Roberto Diaz <rdiazmartin@vivaldi.ddts.net> writes:
> > They want to block the whole IP's which are dynamic so they can not
> > send mail anymore so every guy in the internet will have to depend
> > upon a third-party mail relay to send mail
> "Your ISP gives you a mailserver through which to relay mail.  Set a
> smarthost and get over it."

Do they? I can name at least one which may not (depending on the 
tarif you choose). They might provide a newsserver as well, but it 
doesn't mean you are forced to use it, either to read or post.

> Why isn't that sufficient for you?

Because that is not the way the internet works[1].

[1] You may substitute "should work" if you prefer.
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