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RE: [OT] jumper for CPU Host Clock

Hi Jeff,

This settings refers to the Front Side Bus, that's a the highway for your
computer's mainboard where all other buses are relating to. If you this FSB
to 133Mhz you'll NEED that PC133 mhz Ram. You'll also get substantial speed
improvements. BUT some equipment might fail to work, although this mostly
goes for older scsi controllers and other older equipment. All depends on
the quality of your motherboard really. IMHO you should consider reading up
on some review of your motherboard.



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Subject: [OT] jumper for CPU Host Clock

Hi. I am building my computer today and have a question about a jumper 
setting. I need to set the jumper for the CPU Host Clock Selection and I'm 
not sure what this refers to. There are two choices, 100MHz and 133Mhz. the 
133Mhz has a asterisk by it that says Reserved. Does this refer to the kind 
of SDRAM I'm using? I am using PC 133 SDRAM 32x64 168 pin DIMM. The 
processor is an Amd Athlon 700MHz slot A. Thank you for your time. -Jeff H

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