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Re: (Unidentified subject!) now apm

well i guess i should give it up, it's not that it bothered me anyhow, it;s jsut that my roomate says it's
2 noisy

well  thanx again

ps: should snip up the replys?

* Rob Mahurin (robm@mad.scientist.com) wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 12:07:12AM -0300, Sergio E . Schvezov wrote:
> > well rob, your right, i've got /dev/hda5 mounted on /var.
> Score!!
> > okay here's what i want to know, is there a way to force it into suspend state?
> > or not 2 make it write to /var when it's in that mode (suspend)
> I played with this a couple years ago, couldn't get it to work, and
> gave up.  I now run setiathome and use my computer's down time to
> search for intelligent life; I've decided that $.25 a day (200W at a
> nickel a kilowatt-hour) is a power bill I can live with.  If it's a
> laptop there might be more support, but I don't know anything about
> it.
> Rob
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> There is Jackson standing like a stone wall.  Let us determine to die,
> and we will conquer.  Follow me.
> 		-- General Barnard E. Bee (CSA)

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