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Re: [OT] graphics card recommandation

Quoth Stephan Kulka, 
> I searched the archives and some hardware pages, but I couldn't find
> anything useful.
> So I ask the question: I am looking for a graphics card for using it
> mainly for office programs, but also sometimes for a good game.
> It is not necessary for drawing CAD or the like.
> I thought about a Matrox, because they should be a good average and also
> not that expensive.
> Any other ideas??

Hi Stephen,

I'm running at 32M Matrox G450 in my machine, using XFree 4.02 (from
testing). It's a nice card, and give me a good picture on my 17"
Diamondview (a trinatron screen).

However, it's not without its issues. I've had heaps of problems
getting the framebuffer running properly (boot to a screen full of
garbage, which doesn't prevent X from running).

Also it requires binary modules to run optimally with X4, which can be
downloaded freely from the Matrox web site. While I believe that it may
run without the binary modules (not sure), to get the best performance,
you're relying on non-free binary drivers. This may or may not be an
issue for you.

3D performance under X4 seems to be okay, at least for the gl
xscreensaver modules. However, the loki demos (such as Soldier of
Fortune) do not run well for me. They are so choppy as to be unplayable.
I'm not sure if this is an issue of the card, the xserver, the mesa
libraries, or the game, however. Just be aware that if you think you're
going to be doing 3d gamining under Linux with this card, you may not
get the performance you'd want (then again, this may just be me).

Overall, I'm happy with it.



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