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*EASY* mail question


I finally got a decent proxy server that supports POP
and SMTP, so now I want to have mail (w/ out going on
Yahoo!).  Anyway, I have Mozilla set up so that it can
send and receive messages through the proxy, but
mozilla didn't seem to great, because it's slow, a
little buggy, and it takes a whole lot of RAM.  I
decided to go old-school w/ the console utilities
(mutt, fetchmail, etc).  Here's the problem:  I can
receive mail with fetchmail (and read it w/ mutt), but
I *can't* send it.  I'm not sure how to set up exim
through a proxy (everything i tried didn't work). 
Here's some info about my network:

-tux: this is my computer
-bowwow: computer with proxy server / modem (DSL)
-cmatheson: my user account
-cmatheson@bowwow: e-mail address I'm supposed to use
when setting up clients (worked w/ Mozilla)
-cmatheson3@yahoo.com: my real email address
-I'm supposed to use 'bowwow' as my POP and STMP
servers when setting up clients

exim doesn't even ask me what my POP and STMP servers
are.  Please help.

Cameron Matheson

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