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Re: any women here?

> That's not a bad idea. Women tend to have a more open-ended, inclusive
> "take" on things than men do.
> Ladies, join us at http://newbiedoc.sourceForge.net, and help make
> Debian a kinder, gentler place....

gee, do you think you included every stereotype about women you could
have?  the only thing missing i guess would be something to the effect of
"they could bake us cookies at conferences."

it is really a shame that more women aren't involved in Debian or
technology in general, but thinking that their presence would do
something other than get some different intellectual perspectives
involved would be flawed.  i am not saying some women wouldn't have some
sort of gentling influence.  what i am saying is that this would only be
peripheral to what she can add to Debian or whatever she partakes in.


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