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2.4.3 + X 4.0.2 + star office = dead box

not quite sure who to blame on this one, x? kernel? star office?

whenever I start up star office installer, machine bombs.

if I export my display from remote host -> troubled box and run star
office from remote host, troubled box bombs.

it's not my window manager, i've tried three. same effect.

narrows it down, I'd think to kernel or X.

does anyone in the list have an idea of what options inside the kernel I
might try checking?

does anyone think this might be an X problem?

when troubleshooting, I've learned to look suspiciuosly at the last
software changed on a system, conflicts might be stemming from that
change. And on this box, the only change is the kernel. I thought it might
be the framebuffer options I compiled in. Anyone concur?

Scratching my head.

thanks in advance for any ideas.

Jeff Levy
Software Design
Meta-Craft Creations

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