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Re: #!/bin/bash

-> All the more reason to streamline the process...
-> why should everything take more time, just because some stuff must.

that's why i prefer ash

-> > > that's it, i don't like scripts that "require" bash if they don't
-> > > have to.
-> >
-> > So have you actually removed bash from your system and made ash the
-> > default?
-> or just install ash and symlink sh -> ash

that's what I did and I wonder why doesn't ash installation script do this

-> It makes a big difference on a slow machine, especially when
-> installing packages ({pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts are always sh).

well, maybe not always. Maybe we should ask developers to use sh and not to
use bashisms while possible

-> > So to this end, Require'ing ash would add to the system overhead since
-> > (I reckon) 98% of people would need to have ash installed for them,
-> > instead of just using a standard package that everyone has already...

well, requiring bash adds _much_ more to system overhead. for example, I use
tcsh and wipe out bash completely

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