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Re: #!/bin/bash

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Matus "fantomas" Uhlar wrote:

> it seems apache could run with ash for example w/o problems
> - it just needs change all
> echo -ne "blahblah\n"
> to
> echo "blahblah"
> (wtf do we need the first?)

The first doesn't take a new line so it's possible to do this:

echo -ne "Restarting apache web server: "
<some stuff>
echo "done"

And get this output:

Restarting apache web server: done

instead of this

Restarting apache web server:

And anyway, why would you want to insist on 'ash' ?

The two shells that are installed on EVERY Debian system by default (from
the base2_2.tgz tarball) are 'sh' and 'bash'.

sh doesn't always provide the features scripts need, but bash does, and
thus it's the default for most scripts, because we can guarantee it will
be present without needing a Depends: ash line for each .deb.

Kind regards,

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