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Re: [MAPS #33478] Re: Whats goin on?


Your IP is listed in the DUL list because it is in a dynamic IP range. There's
nothing to whine about there since it really does belong in that list.

The point to argue about is whether it is wise for relays to block based on
the DUL. My personal opinion is its an inneficient way of filetring SPAM and
that it causes more trouble than anything else. Tell that to the specific
people blocking you, not to the guys administering the DUL.

You want to run mail services on your dynamic host, well, just play with the
fact you have a dynamic IP. Your ISP hopefully provides a relay for your 
outgoing mail, which relay accepts your mail based on your IP (should accept
only mail from its clients). Why can't you use that one ?

If you absolutely want to run a real server, geez, get a real connection.

I don't think there's anything else to be said about that so please, stop
mailing ddt-user.



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