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[no subject] 19980407 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980414 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 1) Problem when installing cnews 2) Do I need it ? 2 problems : one with the numéric +, and one with emacs ! 440LX Support >8bpp? abaqus and arcview like programs About qt AccelX on Debian Re: AccelX on Debian (a summary) ACK! SCSI Not WOrking Adaptec 2840 VLB Fails from bootdisk Adding programs to menu in Xwindows AFBACKUP problems afterstep-1.0 package somewhere? Afterstep Bug?--OFF TOPIC? again: pdf to ps (gs-aladdin) aic7xxx + IBM DCAS 4.3GB = LI Alternative to MS Frontpage web design? AMD K5 PR 100 & Linux ANNOUNCE: deb-view.el 1.5 - deb file viewer for Emacs Another Debian 2.0 Question - GMT Another tape drive question Re: Anybody know how to tell for how long has ppp-if been up? Anyone got BTTV to work? Any problems w/ psaux & xfree? AOL and spam suggestion Re: AOL and spam (way OFFTOPIC) AOL's spam policy Apache Question Apache Server Side Includes Apache tilde question - Solved Re: apt: HTTP transfer method does not use available bandwidth APT typo Assistance ATI 3D Rage Pro vx Xfree (and a comment) ATI expert@work AGP 8mb ATM and linux v0.24 released (was Re: bug) Re: v0.25 released Re: AWE64, kernel 2.1.91 AW: Exim Problem awk or sed? AW: network statistics background color in XEmacs 2.0 backspace key under X in vim Backup advice Re: Bad/Counterfeit memory? [Was: Upgrading to hamm] Re: Banco de Dados bash_2.01.1-1 segfaults Re: bash_2.01.1-1 segfaults --SOLVED Bash help Best mirror program? Betr.: Error while trying to boot Debian Betr.: Re: Linux + Win95 + Win NT on one HD biff/new mail - blink LED indicators on keyboard Big hard disks big slowdown from Emacs Re: the "Bill" lover bind bugfix for bo block device name for cd-rom Boot Disk Failures boot errors! Re: Boot hang and debian hamm booting and loading the Debian kernel booting from dos bo: Problem with Xlib bo to hamm and libc5 vs libc6 bouncing mail with procmail Box keeps crashing braodcast announcements Re: Bug#21412: tob deletes system files bugs in latest ncftp package? Building a network at home bulkmail:change username? Can emacs and xemacs coexist? Re: Cannot login? Can't find bo->hamm upgrade instructions. Can't get my mouse to work can't installing Debian with my CD-ROM drive can't load shared libraries can ya believe M$ netshow run on linux Re: cc:Mail Link to SMTP Undeliverable Message CD-R, CD-RW CD-R, CD-RW : philips ? cdrecord CD-rom + zip CD-Rs In Linux CERT Advisory CA-98.05 - bind_problems (fwd) Re: cfdisk and multiple active partitions Changing exports and restarting rpc.nfsd does not work Changing xterm titles to something more usefull than 'xterm' chmod not working Choosing a printer for Linux: ckermit and hp48 ckermit gone? clean shutdown Cloning workstations COBOL? Comments on Debian 'frozen' release, wvdial compiling joystick.o Re: compiling kernel 2.0.33, libc6-dev Re-compiling Kernel error Re: COMPROMISE? PINE Debian Package CONFIRM s04020611122221 Re: CONFIRM s04141750304267 conflict between xlib6 and xlib6g Connecting Linux machine to Win.95\Linux Machine. Connecting with KISDN Convert RedHat install to Debian .. convert wav to mpg3? copying partitions/moving root partition Copyright Question. Correct directory permissions list? Re: Couldn't get a free page Couldn't get a free page..... Re: CPU Types (Was: Re: Hi) create a distrib using Debian cross compiling from linux to dos "current" symlink in /hamm/hamm/disks-i386 database server/debian stability DATE CHANGE Debia 2 what does give us? Debian 1.2 CD? debian 1.3.1 troubles Debian 1.3.1 vs. Debian 1.3.1 R6 Debian "2.0" Debian 2.0 Debian2.0 and tetex Debian 2.0 Question Debian 2, What will it Have Debian and ISDN: Even more problems Debian and ISDN: Getting there... Debian-Announce gone? Debian, AOL and spam [ Re: META: Can we please restrict the list?] Debian Beowulf Debian Download Re: Debian Download(newbie) Debian GNU/Hurd ???? Debian GNU/Linux: Best of the Web! (fwd) Debianized Netscape for Debian 1.3.1 ? Debian Linux and W95 coexist? Debian linux and X11 installation Debian list `From' line (Re: exim & mutt, weird) Debian, Notebook, and Parallel CDROM debian packages : DESTDIR Debian PPP Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #157 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #73 DEClaser 2100 Plus DECNET and Linux. Default FTP installation Deity and staroffice in Debian 2?? delete bo packages? Desktop: colours and fvwm Re: desperately seeking installation /dev/ttyS0 permissions dhcpcd for 2.1.x kernels DialD/PPPD Problem.... dialup ppp help diamond viper card and xfree86 Did I answer this perl question correctly? disk partitioning (again) disk partition problem display error in VI display postscript Display problems using Debian text console Distributed computing, stellar computation dists/{bo,stable} temporarily unavailable DL at other computer DNS/Non-authoritative answer trouble Does ".deb" package for StarOffice 4.0 exist? does samba support user list REQUESTS Does someone heard about Interbase on Linux? dosemu - can't see other drives Downloading the Hamm tree. dpkg error installing gcc dpkg: motifnls error DPKG question. The last update was on 10:25 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2936 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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