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[no subject] Re: the "Bill" lover "current" symlink in /hamm/hamm/disks-i386 "man" fails -- segmentation fault "Unable to allocate DMA memory" during base install the 'w' command and utmp (no subject) Re: (off-topic) Blender? [Was: cheap graphics station] (off-topic) cheap graphics station (RFD) New list proposal - -- MARK -- -----> How-to recompile kernel ?????? -I- Re: email sendmail problems? -I- Re: lesstif not motif .ps or .pdf editing app .Xauthority & exmh? /dev/ttyS0 permissions /etc/cron.deny ? /etc/hosts and using make for system admin tasks (was Re: Reverse DNS lookup at telnet) 1) Problem when installing cnews 2) Do I need it ? 19980407 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980414 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 2 problems : one with the numéric +, and one with emacs ! 440LX Support Re: <no subject> libc5 Version von mesa für hamm? WINS -> DNS [OT?] >8bpp? ?not enough colors: I need 10 colors + 4 planes.? [Fwd: LOCAL: Corel VNC/Open Source Public Announcement at OCLUG meeting] [ Help ! a message come from hanzhong China] [OFF TOPIC] Connecting Win95 to Linux(server/gateway) [off topic] IP-masq while dual booting(Win95) [OFF TOPIC] Linus Torvalds, the man of the century Re: [OFF TOPIC] Paul Atreides Re: [off-topic] Distributed computing, stellar computation [Offtopic: Java Mode broken in Xemacs20?] [OFFTOPIC] Announce: Archive for Free Software in Real Life [ppp] Many Protocol-Rejects [ telnet does not allow login as "root"] Re: [QUESTIONS] Using the same database on Linux and NT [ NPR show on open source] Re: [SOLVED] DNS/Non-authoritative answer trouble [tcsh] disabling autologout? Re: [tcsh] disabling autologout? revisited. [X Problem] Windows lacking "chrome" after recent upgrade Re: `From' line (Re: exim & mutt, weird) abaqus and arcview like programs About qt AccelX on Debian Re: AccelX on Debian (a summary) ACK! SCSI Not WOrking Adaptec 2840 VLB Fails from bootdisk Adding programs to menu in Xwindows AFBACKUP problems Afterstep Bug?--OFF TOPIC? afterstep-1.0 package somewhere? again: pdf to ps (gs-aladdin) aic7xxx + IBM DCAS 4.3GB = LI Alternative to MS Frontpage web design? AMD K5 PR 100 & Linux ANNOUNCE: deb-view.el 1.5 - deb file viewer for Emacs Another Debian 2.0 Question - GMT Another tape drive question Any problems w/ psaux & xfree? Re: Anybody know how to tell for how long has ppp-if been up? Anyone got BTTV to work? Re: AOL and spam (way OFFTOPIC) AOL and spam suggestion AOL's spam policy Apache Question Apache Server Side Includes Apache tilde question - Solved APT typo Re: apt: HTTP transfer method does not use available bandwidth Assistance ATI 3D Rage Pro vx Xfree (and a comment) ATI expert@work AGP 8mb ATM and linux v0.24 released (was Re: bug) Re: v0.25 released AW: Exim Problem AW: network statistics Re: AWE64, kernel 2.1.91 awk or sed? background color in XEmacs 2.0 backspace key under X in vim Backup advice Re: Bad/Counterfeit memory? [Was: Upgrading to hamm] Re: Banco de Dados Bash help bash_2.01.1-1 segfaults Re: bash_2.01.1-1 segfaults --SOLVED Best mirror program? Betr.: Error while trying to boot Debian Betr.: Re: Linux + Win95 + Win NT on one HD biff/new mail - blink LED indicators on keyboard Big hard disks big slowdown from Emacs bind bugfix for bo block device name for cd-rom bo to hamm and libc5 vs libc6 bo: Problem with Xlib Boot Disk Failures boot errors! Re: Boot hang and debian hamm booting and loading the Debian kernel booting from dos bouncing mail with procmail Box keeps crashing braodcast announcements Re: Bug#21412: tob deletes system files bugs in latest ncftp package? Building a network at home bulkmail:change username? Can emacs and xemacs coexist? can ya believe M$ netshow run on linux Can't find bo->hamm upgrade instructions. Can't get my mouse to work can't installing Debian with my CD-ROM drive can't load shared libraries Re: Cannot login? Re: cc:Mail Link to SMTP Undeliverable Message CD-R, CD-RW CD-R, CD-RW : philips ? CD-rom + zip CD-Rs In Linux cdrecord CERT Advisory CA-98.05 - bind_problems (fwd) Re: cfdisk and multiple active partitions Changing exports and restarting rpc.nfsd does not work Changing xterm titles to something more usefull than 'xterm' chmod not working Choosing a printer for Linux: ckermit and hp48 ckermit gone? clean shutdown Cloning workstations COBOL? Comments on Debian 'frozen' release, wvdial compiling joystick.o Re: compiling kernel 2.0.33, libc6-dev Re-compiling Kernel error Re: COMPROMISE? PINE Debian Package CONFIRM s04020611122221 Re: CONFIRM s04141750304267 conflict between xlib6 and xlib6g Connecting Linux machine to Win.95\Linux Machine. Connecting with KISDN Convert RedHat install to Debian .. convert wav to mpg3? copying partitions/moving root partition Copyright Question. Correct directory permissions list? Re: Couldn't get a free page Couldn't get a free page..... Re: CPU Types (Was: Re: Hi) create a distrib using Debian cross compiling from linux to dos database server/debian stability DATE CHANGE Debia 2 what does give us? Debian "2.0" The last update was on 07:46 GMT Wed Jun 15. There are 2936 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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