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Re: AOL and spam (way OFFTOPIC)

"M.C. Bezemer" <neutron@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> Hi!
> Just in case you didn't yet notice, it seems that the spam mail
> on the debian-user list is coming from only ONE sender.

Well, all the spam that came from aol.

I notice that no one seems at all upset about the obviously commercial
spam (even to me, a non-chinese speaker [1]) sent from netvigator.com by
way of hkstar.com, in chinese.  (this seems especially odd as that
spammer very obviously tried to hide his/her identity)  Does spam only
offend if it is legible by the recipient?  Is the real offense in spam
not the wasting of disk space (for truly, these aol spams are really
very short things, individually) but the forcing of commercial
thoughts into the heads of the recipient.

But I'm seriously digressing now, and not really qualified to do this
sort of analysis.

[1] Though I do have a mail-reader that lets me read the big5 chinese
    encoding, and so lets me pick out the portions that aren't written 
    in chinese characters.

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