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Re: AFBACKUP problems

Ossama Othman <othman@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get afbackup (the Debian package) working on my
> hamm system.  Whenever I run the "afclient -q" command to see if the
> backup server is running properly I get the following:
> 	Error: cannot find address of host backuphost.
> My /etc/afbackup/client.config file has "localhost" as the backup
> server since I am running these tests on the local host.  If I force
> afclient to use the localhost with "afclient -q -h localhost" I get
> some authentication error, although I can't seem to reproduce the
> error now.  At one point I had to explicitly give it the cryptkey
> file with the "-k" flag.  Now whenever I try "afclient -q -h
> localhost" I get the following:
> 	Error: Cannot get the greeting message from server.
> Q1: Why should I need to tell afclient what host to use if the
> client.config file tells it to use "localhost?"  I checked
> /etc/hosts and there is a localhost entry (I'd be really surprised
> if there wasn't one).
> Q2: What would cause the authentication error?  I wish that I could
> reproduce it, but I can't.  :(
> Q3: What's with the "Cannot get the greeting message from server"
> error?

Check if you have the:

afbackup        2988/tcp                # afbackup system

entry in your /etc/services file and the corresponding:

afbackup stream tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/afserver server /etc/afbackup/server.conf

line in /etc/inetd.conf.

IIRC, the services entry was missing on my system too (It was changed
from backup to afbackup with version 2.11.5-3 and it seems the author
forgot the change the entry for the services file.

If that is not the problem, I could send you my server.conf and
client.conf.  I have a similiar (local) setup and afbackup works
without problems.


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