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On Wed, Apr 08, 1998 at 09:56:11AM +0100, Martin Oldfield wrote:
> Has anyone any experience of using a CD-R, or preferably a CD-RW drive 
> with Linux ? I'm particularly interested in SCSI based drives.

Linux (or generally: Unix) is a first class platform to write CD-R(W)s.

The cdrecord software by Jörg Schilling is capable of working with most
newer hardware (I would recommend a SCSI-3/MMC CD writer) and giving
excellent results. The latest version of cdrecord is 1.6alpha14 and
1.6 will be released soon.

At the time cdrecord does not support disc at once. So expect problems
if you want to create non red-book-conformant audio CDs (those without
2 secs silence at the beginning of a track).

I won't tell you what hardware I use for CD recording - this is no
advertisement ;-)


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