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Re: aic7xxx + IBM DCAS 4.3GB = LI

Jay Barbee wrote:
> > before changing boot=/dev/sda1 to boot=/dev/sda
> > I got 1FA: instead of LILO. Now I'm getting LI - I've had Suse on the
> > system and no problems at boot. I don't want to re-install Suse again just
> > to get this problem solved.
> I was not sure if you had gotten a reply... 
> The LI problem is not really an OS problem, but the bootloader problem.  It 
> could be a problem with a partition table, but in most cases, i simply have to 
> boot a rescue disk, mounting my root partition (/dev/sda1) and rerunning LILO 
> again.  I did have a similar problem when a partitioning table got corrupt, but we 
> will not tackle that now.

I have also added the line 'linear' to lilo.conf and rerun lilo, and it
has worked. It stopping at the LI (IIRC) was a drive geometry problem.


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