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Re: disk partition problem

> The problem is with partitioning my hard disk.  I DO NOT
> want to wipe it out (like using fdisk), so instead I tried FIPS (found
> on the Linux CD).  First I scanned and defragged my disk, then I tried
> to run fips.  Then it told me there was a file(s) at the end of my hard
> disk.  So I checked the documentation on fips and it listed a two files
> that might be at the last sector, but it wasn't true on my machine.  And
> that's where I'm stuck.  Please help me or tell me where I can get help
> so I can free myself from the tyranny of Windows!!!!!!

If your comment "but it wasn't true on my machine" means that you do not see any 
files near the end of the HD after defrag had run, I am equally mystified. Else 
please read the following. 

Defrag will not touch 'immovable' files.  Such are hidden DOS system files like 
io.sys or some files used by doublespace, 'dir /a'  will list those as well.  
Study the schematic picture of your HD while defrag is working, if files marked 
by X are left near the end then you will have to manually displace them.  The 
operation is not without danger, but you should weigh that against the benefits 
of a successful repartitioning.  

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