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Re: Copyright Question.

> Hi,
> I want to package Blender. It will have to go into Non-free. or maybe
> contrib... What I want to know is yalls thoughts on weather or not we can
> even distribute this software. Heres the pertinant part of the licence.
>   Permission to use, copy, and distribute this software and its
>   documentation without written agreement is hereby granted only for non-
>   commercial purposes. Distributing blender 'bundled' in with ANY product
>   is considered to be a `commercial purpose'. This entire copyright notice
>   must appear in all copies of this software.
> The part that worrys me is the line about  ... Bundled in with any
> product. I'm wondering if this would mean packing for debian is comercial?
  I think that this would mean it would be okay to make a debian pacakge
out of it, because a package is not a product just a modified
redistributing.  However it looks like it is not allowed to be put on any
Debian CD's and that would be up to the CD makers to not do.  Having the
.deb package available itself (i think) would be fine.

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