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disk partition problem


I have been reading about Debian, and I am eager to try it out.
However, I seem to have a problem that I have not found an answer for
yet, even after searching through all of the FAQ's and help documents I
could find.  The problem is with partitioning my hard disk.  I DO NOT
want to wipe it out (like using fdisk), so instead I tried FIPS (found
on the Linux CD).  First I scanned and defragged my disk, then I tried
to run fips.  Then it told me there was a file(s) at the end of my hard
disk.  So I checked the documentation on fips and it listed a two files
that might be at the last sector, but it wasn't true on my machine.  And

that's where I'm stuck.  Please help me or tell me where I can get help
so I can free myself from the tyranny of Windows!!!!!!

Thanks for your time

If you received the message twice, it is because I didn't confirm my
subscription until AFTER I sent this message.  Just wanted to be sure
this got through.

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