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Anyone got BTTV to work?


  I've been trying to get bttv to work on my Linux box, without any

  Whenever I start it, I get some snow and after a few seconds my computer
locks.  Furthermore, the lines that *are* displayed are only the first
few lines, and it appears that the program is receiving SCERR (from the
booktree chip), or some synchronisation problems that it can't handle?

  I've even installed kernel 2.1.92 with video4linux in the kernel, but
with the same results.  It always gets this error and hangs.

  Since I'm no expert in video code, and I know others have experienced
problems in this area, I was wondering if anyone could share their
experience?  Is this related to the method being used, by the capture
program (i.e. scanning directly into the video memory at the windows
location, instead of into user memory and then have X do it) ?.

Orn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@oehansen.pp.se
                                        voice+fax; +46 035 217194

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