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Re: disk partition problem

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 09:21:28PM -0500, Chris wrote:
> Hello.
> I have been reading about Debian, and I am eager to try it out.
> However, I seem to have a problem that I have not found an answer for
> yet, even after searching through all of the FAQ's and help documents I
> could find.  The problem is with partitioning my hard disk.  I DO NOT
> want to wipe it out (like using fdisk), so instead I tried FIPS (found
> on the Linux CD).  First I scanned and defragged my disk, then I tried
> to run fips.  Then it told me there was a file(s) at the end of my hard
> disk.  So I checked the documentation on fips and it listed a two files
> that might be at the last sector, but it wasn't true on my machine.  And
> that's where I'm stuck.  Please help me or tell me where I can get help
> so I can free myself from the tyranny of Windows!!!!!!

They might be special files which defraggers normally won't move. The
windows swap file is one.  If they are normal files, then try renaming them,
copying them back to their original names and then deleting the renamed
versions - hopefully the copies will be placed near the start of the
partition rather than at the end.

ren a b
copy b a 
del b

(hey - I remember those long DOS commands :-)


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