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I have been desperatly trying to install linux debian
on my pc. I am using a CD provided by the magazine dream,
and so far I have performed the basic installation.
Severall problems have appeared :
1- in the section of the configuration called Configure device driver I was
not able to find the internet card I am using.
This card is compatible Ne 2000, at irq = 11 and io = \0xFF80. But
specifying these values caused the installation to fail,
so I did not give any devide driver and of course the network connection
does not work. Does anyone know what I can do about that ?
2- I don't unsderstand how dpkg works and how to start it.
It is supposed to be simple so I really think I missed something. When
writing simply dpkg I get a simple help.
3- Instead of using dpkg, I tried to use dselect to install x11, and then I
was asked many questions I did not know the answer of : mouse devise,
monitor resolution and frequency,
etc ... 
Is there a way to restart this installation ?
Is there a way to know what questions will be asked in advance
in order to avoid leaving blank answers ?
Can't all this be done automatically as it is the case for
windows, for instance ?

Thank you for your help,
I know theses are many questions,


Valerie Cayol			cayol@opgc.univ-bpclermont.fr
UMR 6524, Magmas et Volcan,		  tel :
Universite Blaise Pascal, OPGC	  fax :
5, Rue Kessler
63 000 Clermont Ferrand

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