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backspace key under X in vim


There have been previous discussions on this topic but I never quite
understood them.  As near as I can tell, an "out of the box" hamm/frozen
system has the backspace key configured differently than it was in
Debian 1.3.

The particular example that concerns me most is under the application
"vim".  When I am editing a file and in insert mode, the backspace
key deletes the character under the cursor instead of the character to
the left of the cursor.  This is extremely annoying.  I have "fixed"
the problem locally by placing the line "keycode 0x16 =  Delete" in my
/etc/X11/Xmodmap file but the problem persists when logged in remotely
on a Solaris machine running a standard X11R6.3 xterm.  I don't know
whether to blame vim, X, Debian, or the readline lib setup, but I just
want the backspace key to do what it has always done (until now).

So I have two requests.  Can someone explain how Debian thinks it
should be.  And more important to me, can anybody tell me how to make
the backspace key delete the character to the left of the cursor (both
locally and remotely).


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