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Re: AMD K5 PR 100 & Linux

Gabor Kontur wrote:
> About a week ago someone with an AMD K5 processor left a message
>  (unfortunately i erased it from my system)
> stating that he he had to recompile the kernel with the 386 option in order
> for Netscape
> to function properly.
> Since i have been having and still have erratic buggy behaviour in
> connection with the X server
> i am beginning to wonder if incompabilities between my kernel and the AMD
> K5 PR 100 could be the cause of my problems.
> What i have is:
>  AMD K5 PR 100 processor
>  Debian linux 1.3.1
> (don´t know any revision number and don´t know how to find out what the
> revision number is).
>  Regular kernel 2.0.29 (the one from the CD)
> Does anyone out there use this processor and has maybe experienced similar
> problems ?

I have no problems with my K5-PR100. Works fine with Netscape, both the
3.01 and 4.0.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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