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Re: Choosing a printer for Linux:

On Sat, Apr 04, 1998 at 04:06:13AM +0300, Liran Zvibel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm planing to buy a printer, and I don't know whether to choose Epson
> Stylus color 800 or HP LJ 4L. I know that the Epson has PS level 2 as an
> option, but the one at my store doesn't have it. Are there any other good
> printers to choose from? 
> Does anybody have experience with those? 

Well, it depends on a few choices:

  1. Do you want colour or "black and white"?
  2. Do you want an inkjet or laser printer?
  3. Price?
  4. Desktop space.  ;-)

My recommendation?  EPSON Stylus COLOR 800!  :-)

Why?  Because I have an EPSON Stylus COLOR 500 here and I *absolutely* love
it!  It is fantastic!  Its b&w and colour print quality is awesome!  It
works great under Debian GNU/Linux with Ghostscript 5.10 (gs-aladdin),
i.e. you probably don't need EPSON's PS level 2 option.  (I have no idea
what if the option is hardware or software based.)

I want colours and I love colours, and EPSON Stylus COLOR 800 creates superb
text and photo printouts.  Ghostscript 5.10 even supports 1440x720 dpi mode! 
:-)  You can't go wrong with EPSON Stylus COLOR 500.  :-)

But then, if you prefer a laser printer instead, go with HP LJ 4L or other
fine printers.  :-)



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