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AOL and spam suggestion


Just in case you didn't yet notice, it seems that the spam mail
on the debian-user list is coming from only ONE sender.

I'm not saying this really is true, but examining all headers of the
spam mail, I noticed that the following line:

X-Mailer: AOL 2.5 for Windows sub 2

(by the way, isn't that a bit obsolete?)
occurred in all these spam mails, that is,  From - About

John807601 - You've won!
GILLILIGAN - Hi im Sandra
JeffRow12  - You've won $5.000!
BUTCHER56  - Hi I want to meet you im a model!
Oasis179   - Im Jenny
V75ortex   - Here

(Skills123 asking about 'Linix' does not have that line, but:
 X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 sub 62

 Dr Zap <DrZap@aol.com>, asking about 'Fat 32 and Linux.', also doesn't
 use AOL 2.5 for Windows sub 2: his mail contains
 X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 16-bit for Windows sub 68)

Not only the line mentioned above appeared in all messages, they also
had almost the same lay-out (e.g. 'Click Here')

The last time I bought a PC GAMER magazine [ Sept 1996, that's not quite
recently ;-) ] it contained something about a 15 hours free trial for AOL.
If it is still possible to have AOL access without having to pay or
even to identify yourself, it's quite impossible to catch the spammer.

In the message of Marcus Brinkmann about 'Debian, AOL and spam ...',
Igor Grobman wrote:
> I've decided to block all aol.com mail using procmail rule that will
> forward it to spam@debian.org.  If it's a real message, I will bounce
> it to the appropriate list.  I hope this will only be a temporary
> measure.

To me this seems a good idea, as there don't seem to be much linux users
that send email from AOL. (As far as I can see 2 in the last 1.5 weeks)

Just for a suggestion, I just installed procmail. I don't yet fully
understand it, but I guess it should be possible to block mail from
AOL only if it was sent using AOL 2.5/Win sub2.
Thus normal mail (sent with AOL 3.0) just passes procmail and gets
on the list.

  Maarten Bezemer.

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