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Re: chmod not working

Alain Toussaint <alaint@boisfrancs.qc.ca> writes:

> i was messing with some permission to directory but i think i found a bug
> in chmod,i try to run "chmod 751" on my home directory (i put the content
> of the home directory on another partition because of lack of space on my
> root partition),but the permission is still drwxr-x--x,i even tried to run
> "chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o=x" on it to no avail,does all this qualify as a bug
> ???

I think that you must think that 'drwxr-x--x' means something
different than it does.  Seeing this permission in ls means that the
user (owner) of the directory has read, write, and execute privileges, 
that people in the same group as the owner have read and execute
privileges, and that anyone else has only execute privilege.  Did you
perhaps mistype the above and leave out the word "not" somewhere?

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