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Re: Banco de Dados

[Initial message wasn't sent to debian-users, but I am quoting it in full,
and annotating it].

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Leonardo Ruoso wrote:

> The problem with mySQL is you can't do "transactions" (rollback if
> something went wrong...)... It's not for our busines...

Obviously you understand your companies business best, and transactions,
if you are used to them, are reassuring.

MySQL has an SQL-extension 'LOCK TABLES' which in fact gives you much
finer control over concurrency issues, without the overhead of

> 	The incial option is Oracle. But I've heard that it doesn't work fine
> in SCO unix (wich is the version that can be ported for Linux). I'm
> trying to setup a database server and a file server in the same machine
> (not a expensive one). My boss want Oracle + NT... ANd I'm trying to
> change his mind. 

Oracle is incredibly expensive.  For that reason, unfortunately, I've
never used it...

> 	I'm looking for any other OS that can run a goog DB Server, and run in
> a cheap machine (like an i386 PII 300).
> 	I'm looking a DB server that can be at least as the same as the
> Microsoft SQL Server.

I would hardly think of MS SQL as a goal!  In my experience, it's
appalling - apart from anything else, it crashes about once a day, under

> 	Does someone experienced running Oracle on Linux? What about Informix?
> I know that the on-line support for the freware are better than any
> other... But Oracle they can pay for courses... consultants... and have
> someone to call (and come in) if something crash.

Sorry, I don't.  Maybe someone else?

> 	Okay... Let's try... Who is using PostGrees for Commercial
> applications? Who is running Oracle or Informix in a Linux BOX? 
> 	I can download and test PostGreeSQL... but you "know" boss. They need
> the commom sense. What everyone uses is What I see ;)

> 	TIA
> Leonardo Ruoso


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