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Re: Debianized Netscape for Debian 1.3.1 ?

shaul <shaul@rakefet.debian.org> writes:

> Is there any Debianized Netscape for Debian 1.3.1 except for the probably 
> obsolete (and also problematic) Netscape 3.01 (Navigator) ?

Well, first off, there is no .deb package of netscape itself, period.
What there are are .deb installer packages - these are packages which
require you to have already downloaded the netscape .tar.gz file from
one of netscape's sites first and placed it into /tmp.  Installing these
packages then causes that file to be unpacked, put in the appropriate
place and other things (like adding netscape to menus) to be done.

So, now the question becomes whether there is a netscape installer
package for Debian 1.3.1 for anything other than netscape 3.  And the
answer there is no, but this is one of the few cases where one can use 
packages from the frozen distribution (that is, from hamm, or what
will become Debian 2.0) for Debian 1.3.1 - so, I'd recommend getting
the following:

And then if you want just the web browser:

But if you want the web browser, and the mail and news capability:

You should put the .tar.gz file from the sunsite netscape mirror into
/tmp and run dpkg -i on the .deb file.

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