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Re: compiling kernel 2.0.33, libc6-dev

On Wed, 01 Apr 1998 15:11:41 PST, David Stern wrote:
> I didn't mean to imply that it was that important, but according to that READ
> ME (see "Debian's libc6 method"), it looks like that should've been changed b
> eginning with kernel-[headers,source]-2.0.32 .  That seems like such a minor 
> issue to upload all four kernel-[headers,source]-2.0.[32,33].  I think I'll s
> et the hold in dselect.

The dreaded self-correction.

Apparently, headers is alright, so I meant two packages, not four 

There's also a reference to libc5-dev in the description field of both 
headers packages (kernel-headers-2.0.[32,33]) which looks suspicious.  
(Should it be libc6-dev?)
David Stern                          

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