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Re: Banco de Dados

On Mon, Mar 30, 1998 at 02:42:49PM -0300, Leonardo Ruoso wrote:
> I'm afraid about PostGreeSQL because it's not 100% ANSI SQL. We'll run
> third part apps that will expect to find a 100% compatible DB w/
> transactions.

PostgreSQL is as close to ANSI SQL 92 as you can get, and it is still
improving.  Even though it may not be 100%, I would say it is at least
99.9%.  Try it out before judging it.  Afterall, it is *free*.  :-)

> 	They recomend (obvius) Oracle 8. But it's no so cheap. And I've heard
> that the version for SCO runs SLOW. SCO version can run as well on Linux
> packages.
> 	Can I substitue the MS SQL Server by PostGreeSQl without re-writing
> code?

MS SQL Server????  [Anthony fainted...]

Please try out PostgreSQL first.  It is full-featured and support
transactions, etc.  You could also try MySQL, which is very fast, but
lacks some functionality in PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL rivals Oracle 8 and MS SQL Server in functionality.  It is
a professional RDBMS.

Go visit http://www.postgresql.org/.  Read the site.  Subscribe to their
mailing list.  Ask questions.  I'm sure there are lots of gurus there happy
to help you in your decision.



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