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Re: Desktop: colours and fvwm

"Tristan Day" wrote:
  >fvwm95 won't work. It says it's installed but nothing happens and ovwm comes
  >up instead. If I uninstalled ovwm would fvwm95 take its place? I've
  >installed fvwm95, fvwm-common and fvwm2.
Edit /etc/X11/window-managers.

The first (runnable) program listed gets run unless your personal default
overrides it.

  >Also, how do you change the colours for the desktop and for the windows (eg
  >title bar) ? My colours are distinctly distasteful, but can't seem to change
  >them. xcolors doesn't do anything.

Assuming you are running fvwm2, look into its documentation and change its
configuration files.  The most likely place to put your own preferences is
in /etc/X11/fvwm2/post.hook and /etc/X11/fvwm2/background.color

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