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Re: AOL's spam policy

On Fri, Apr 03, 1998 at 03:49:09PM -0500, Ossama Othman wrote:
> Hi,
> > same spam to them, please leave it to the Debian Team to take appropriate
> > action. The mail you receive from the list mailer is useless for AOL, as
> > they can't verify the origin of the spam, because the list mailer places a new
> > header on the mail. And even if you would have the full header, you could
> > easily verify that most spam mails aren't really from AOL, but from
> I understand that, however, I get spam from these AOL spammers from both
> the list and directly to me.  As such, I will forward any spam from "AOL"
> sent directly to me to the AOL abuse address, even though the headers may 
> be forged.  I don't have the time to go through each and every spam header
> I get.  The "abuse" team at AOL is payed to do that, aren't they?

Yes. OTOH, if everyone would forward the lsit spam to them, this itself is
unsolicited and not helpful ;)  For personal mail I agree that this is the
best action.
> > You beat the wrong people in these cases.
> Who are we supposed to beat then? :)  It is unfortunate that headers are
> so easy to forge.  Hopefully some form of legislation will be passed that
> will illegalize spam.  Anyone know anything about this?  I am curious to
> know what actions if any are being taken. 

Yeah, I agree with you. It wuld be interesting to hear.
> > The only people who can take action are the people that have access to the
> > debian list system, as they can verify the header on the original mail.
> True, but it seems that every spam that is sent to the list is also sent
> directly to the subscribed user, giving the user a double dose of spam;
> not by any fault of Debian, however.

Not everyone, but some. It is easy to filter the net for adresses :(
> > You can notice them at abuse@debian.org (hope this is right. Get this from
> > the top of my head).
> Is this really necessary?  Supposedly the debian list maintainers are
> subscribed to their own lists.  :)

I'm not sure. They requested it, but not everybody should do so... Well,
they are subscribed, but they are also very busy. The point is that they can
block the IP numbers the spam was originated, but they need at least one
incident before being able doing so.

Thank you,

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