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Re: Debian PPPOE and Pacific Bell DSL? debian-wnpp list has been created Re: debuild and fakeroot in Sid developement model Developers in NJ? Does the control file understand regexps? Don't do this dosfsck problem dpkg-scanlibs Drop 'epic' package? (was incorrectly Re: ITA: epic4) dutch debian / linux mailing lists (was: Re: key signing request - Nijmegen, The Netherlands) Editing overrides file required (was: Re: Up for adoption) ehm... icmpush is already maintained by me email addresses and the BTS The Emdebian project. Emulated setup/cross-compilation for m68k? /etc/init.d/modclean Evolution Debian package Expires: headers for Packages.gz, Sources.gz Exploring the Debian boot-floppies package external Debian list [ Bug#85594: unable to connect to keyservers (ENOENT: no entry for requested name)] Re: fakeroot+Makefile flaw ? FaxMail - tcl/tk email2fax prog, use[ful/less] ? Re: FHS compliance and UNIX sockets Food for thought - SECURITY (design flaw?) forgot to orphan in my earlier mail (-:, Re: Frozen distribution? Ftp-master is down ? [Fwd: Processing of logcheck_1.1.1-9_i386.changes] Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation'] gcc crosscompiler for TMS320C3x/C4x gencat generating list of user-modified conf files gmp and -dev version conflict/compatibility grill GS-CJK: Please test. gtimer update hearbeat package maintainer AWOL ? heartbeat package is really out of date Help Required, Hi! hosts, resolv setup? hotplug under 2.4.x hot to apt-get from two computers to minimize internet traffic? How to convert your PGP key to a GPG key how to file bug against install process? Re: A Humble Request i18n and info files Re: Idea: /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register in the policy? Indenting styles (was Re: dpkg-scanlibs) Re: In San Mateo, CA for two weeks Re: Installed elvis-tiny 1.4-12 (i386 source) Re: Installed lilo 1:21.7-1 (i386 source) intercept autobuilders? interpreting Status field in dpkg status/available file in what status is Debian/Hurd? IP Addresses I propose some packages Is anyone going to package LADSPA plugins ? Istanbul, Turkey 22.2 - 26.2. Is this license OK for main? ITA: epic4 ITA: glimmer (was Re: O: glimmer -- Programmer's editor with multiple windows and syntax highlighting) ITA: Jail RE: ITA: Jail, not the FreeBSD jail ITO: frontbase ITP: aee -- an easy to use editor Fwd: ITP: apl -- Abstract Presentation Layer ITP: Arafonts ITP: Arazilla ITP: aria -- a download tool similar to Reget or GetRight ITP: asn1-mode - ASN.1 editing mode for Emacs (aka modeasn1) ITP: beast - a software synthesizer program with graphical GTK+ interface ITP: Beaver ITP: bigwig -- high-level programming language for developing web services ITP: cups-drivers - drivers for CUPS that use GhostScript to do the job ITP: dia2code / RFSponsor [Re: I propose some packages] ITP: Double Choco Latte (dcl). ITP: e2ps -- Convert plain text into PostScript ITP: fcheck -- IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker ITP: gabber -- GNOME client for an instant messaging system called Jabber ITP: Galeon -- Mozilla-based web browser with GNOME look and feel ITP: ganso ITP: gnoise - a wave editor for GTK/GNOME ITP: gozer -- a text renderer ITP: hptalx -- A HP48 or HP49 communications program ITP: ibod -- ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon ITP: intuitively ITP/ITW/ITM dput ITP: kcpuload / knetload ITP: kernel-patch-2.4.0-ia64 ITP: kprof -- a KDE visual tool to help analyze gprof profiling results ITP: libecgi -- a simple to use c cgi libary (fwd) ITP: liblog-agent-perl -- provides Log::Agent CPAN module ITP: lids, lidsadm - Linux Intrusion Detection System Re: ITP: log2mail - sends email if a pattern in a certain logfile is matched. ITP: log2mail - sends email if a pattern in a certain logfile is matched. ITP: logtool ITP: longrun - Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) utility ITP: lpr by GNU ITP: lynx-cur -- lynx of current development version ITP: mod_gzip -- content acceleration module for Apache ITP: mq3 -- an mp3/ogg player ITP: njamd - Not Just Another Malloc Debugger ITP not show up in Debian-devel ITP: nstx -- an IP over DNS tunneling client/server program ITP: OpenRPG: A client/server RPG aide ITP: rie -- A compiler compiler based on ECLR-attributed Grammer ITP: rubybook, "Programming Ruby" ITP: scalable-cyrfonts -- Scalable Cyrillic fonts for X and TeX ITP: scid - chess database Re: ITP: snacc Sample-Neufeld ASN.1 to C Compiler ITP: stream ITP: task-cyrillic -- Cyrillic environment ITP: The Zope Book ITP: tkgate ITP: VACM ITP: vcr -- console-based video grabber ITP: vsound -- virtual audio loopback cable ITP: waili ITP: wpac-applet ITP: wwwconfig-common ITP: XDrawChem - A Chemistry drawing Tool ITR: libhtml-ep-perl KDE question Kernel 2.4: devfs: bugs Key signing &| general meeting request: Germany, Hof area Re: Key signing in Bay area. Key Signing Request: New Jersey key signing request - Nijmegen, The Netherlands key signing request -- Northeastern Tennessee, US Key signing wanted: UK, Somerset/Taunton area Re: kicking non-free archive out without a vote [Re: Package Reor ganisations] kicking non-free archive out without a vote [Re: Package Reorganisations] klogd hogs all cpu under 2.4.1 Re: Leader vote coming up soon libc6-dev changes (was Re: undefined reference on xfstools) Re: libecgi -- a simple to use c cgi libary libnss-ldap breaks gdm and screen saver? The last update was on 19:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2010 messages. Page 2 of 5.

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