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Re: Daemontools

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 11:36:43 -0500 (+0000), Christopher W. Curtis wrote:
> of them.  AIX just puts everything in inittab.

Not for alot of things. AIX has a very neat daemon called SRC (system
resource controller). Basically you do things like:

  stopsrc -s sendmail
  startsrc -s sendmail

or whole groups of services:

  stopsrc -g nfs

"So what" I hear you say.  Well SRC watches over programs so that when
Apache crashes, you get a nice little error message out of errpt (similar to
syslog).  I'm not sure, but one feature that would be neat would be to
automatically restart a daemon (like inittab can do - with "spawning too
fast - disabled" support etc).


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