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Re: ITP: task-cyrillic -- Cyrillic environment

On  2.II.2001 at 17:53 Peter Novodvorsky wrote:
> ++ 01/02/01 21:31 +0200 - Anton Zinoviev:
> > 
> > This task package should be similar to the other task-SOMELANGUAGE task
> > packages, but not only for one language.
> I really don't like this sort of thing. Do you  mean that all things that 
> should come with task-{some_language_that's_cyrillic_on_the_paper}  will
> come with task-cyrillic?
> [...]
> Why one would like to have doc-linux-bg if he installs task-cyrillic
> for russian language?

task-cyrillic installs programs, data files and documentation that makes
it easier to use Cyrillic.

There are packages, that are specific to the Russian language.  This why
it makes sense to have task-russian package.

On the other side the non-Russian Cyrillic users want Cyrillic
environment too.  And the non-Russian Cyrillic environment is not the
same as the Russian environment, so they couldn't use the package
task-russian.  They will use the package task-cyrillic, that is not

Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>

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