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Re: Food for thought - SECURITY (design flaw?)

On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 03:03:42PM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> My guess from the above, is that 0.4.6-3 was uploaded to unstable, but
> before it could get through to testing, 0.4.6-4 has
> uploaded. (probably 2 days latter).
> I would assume that the priority of 0.4.6-4 would be used
> (urgency=low), not the priority of 0.4.6-3 (urgency=high). Am I right
> or wrong?
> (I tend to think that the urgency field of all versions from the last
> version in testing should be used, eg. max(high,low)=high, assuming
> that the last version in testing was 0.4.6-2)

I've switched testing to do this now. (That is, if you make three uploads:
	1.0-1 unstable low
	1.0-2 unstable high
	1.0-3 unstable medium
and 1.0-3 is the latest version in unstable, then if the version in testing
	<absent>  the urgency will be treated as high
	<< 1.0-1             ...                 high
        1.0-1                ...                 high
        1.0-2                ...                 medium
        1.0-3     it's already updated :)

This still doesn't get security updates into testing immediately if there's
any chance they'll break things, though. (If they're not built on all arches,
or if they have weird new dependencies, or if someone files RC bugs on them)


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