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Re: The Emdebian project.

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 09:43:19PM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Fabrice Gautier (gautier@email.enst.fr) [010204 21:32]:
> > I know this is not a project affiliated with debian, but i'm curious to
> > know if there are some debian developpers who participed in this project
> > and who knows why there is no more activity??
> I met one of the developers working on that project on IRC and
> askd him if he knew what was up. He did not. The lead develper
> seems gone. He does not answer email.

If you were talking to me, I am not one of the developers working
on the project.  I am a Debian developer with an interest in the
project and have a friend who works on the project.  I have tested
cml2+os and built several images for a headless 386sx20 with 8M with some
success and reported back every bug I encountered, which they promptly
fixed in the next release.  That's about the extent of my involvement.  I
have not returned to testing for several months, as Debian Jr. has kept
me quite busy since then, but I occasionally do speak with one of the
Emdebian developers (who is not a Debian developer, himself) and as far
as I can gather, other Amirix business has kept him rather busy, so he has
not been able to devote constant attention to Emdebian itself.

The last indication last month from Frank Smith (Emdebian's technical
lead) on the mailing list was that they were indeed still active on the
project and were planning on taking the project from alpha to beta.  A
single month's silence on the list since that note is a bit premature to
consider the project "dead" since the two developers at Amirix see each
other at work daily, and likely conduct quite a bit of their business off
of the list.

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