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FaxMail - tcl/tk tpc.int email2fax prog, use[ful/less] ?

I had to send a fax the other day.. ran into this software, didn't
actually use it.. but.

FaxMail is basically a tcl/tk app that will help you construct/send a
fax to be sent via the tpc.int service, you can do this quite easily
via email also without this program, but it just kinda helps some
people along.

http://www.tpc.int for more info.

Does anyone think this would be worth uploading?
I'm somewhat ambivalent, but if people think it's useful enough to
be in the distro.. well just make your voice heard.

If anyone cares, you can get the goods here:

3c6df4db5d52d61bf8ed6bd9f768b345  faxmail_2.3-1.diff.gz
a6ae191d48320279daf30b02458a80e5  faxmail_2.3-1.dsc
c4ea4ef761d1043bdce5c90295c5e4fa  faxmail_2.3-1_i386.deb
121c45fe1ef2c327eb498f4182421dc8  faxmail_2.3.orig.tar.gz

Please CC any replies to me, I am not on -devel.

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