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Re: ITP: gabber -- GNOME client for an instant messaging system called Jabber

On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 08:34:45PM +0100, Christian Surchi wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 01:43:53PM -0500, Norbert Veber wrote:
> > Package: wnpp
> > Severity: wishlist
> > 
> > <URL:http://gabber.sourceforge.net/>
> We have unofficial packages for gabber made by Eliot Landrum on
> eliot.landrum.cx, and they work correctly.

Yes, I am currently running his package, but its not in the distribution.
I have offered to sponsor it if wishes to maintain it, though it seems he
is planning to withdraw from the NM process.

Either way its his choice, I'll do it if he doesnt want to..



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