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ITP: kcpuload / knetload

This time I intend to package KCPULoad and KNETLoad (I am sending two 
separate requests to submit@bugs.debian.org).

Package: kcpuload, knetload
License: GPL
URL: http://kde.quakenet.eu.org/


KCPULoad: a CPU meter for Kicker

A simple CPU meter for the KDE Kicker which displays percentual usage, with 
support for SMP and separate user/system loads. It will show the CPU usage in 
form of one or two configurable diagrams. There are settings for colors and 
some different styles. Note that it isn't the real system load that's shown, 
but the percent used of the total CPU power, which is calculated from the 
number of CPU ticks.

KNETLoad: a network throughput meter for Kicker

A small Network throughput meter for the KDE Kicker which works with just 
about any network device. It will show the speeds of a network device with 
two diagrams, one for outgoing and one for incoming data. KNETLoad can read 
almost any device that is listed in the /proc/net/dev file, which includes 
eth0, ppp0, ippp0 and many others, even non predefined devices can be typed 
into the program. The colors, style and speed of the diagrams can be 


Ben Burton (benb@acm.org)

Director of Training
Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee

In twenty years we're gonna wake up in a tidal wave of crap.
	- Tori Amos, Yahoo Online Chat, April 13, 1998

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