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ITP: scid - chess database

I intend to package Scid, a database for chess games. Scid is
an abreviation of Shane's Chess Information Database. It can
store collections of chess games and you can search through the
collections for matching positions. You can also search for
duplicate game, apply spelling corrections to player's names, 
generate opening reports and lots more.  Everything is accessible
through a graphical user interface.

Scid is actively being developed upstreams by Shane Hudson, see
It is being distributed under the GPL. There is a slight problem 
here: Scid uses routines to read endgame tablebases from another party. 
These routines have not been released under the GPL, but their author 
has given permission for use in and distribution with Scid. It seems to 
me that this isn't DFSG-free, so for the time being I've `solved' this 
problem by removing the endgame tablebase support from the Debianized
version of Scid.

To be really fair, I have already packaged Scid for my own use.
Since I am not a developer (yet), I'd appreciate it if someone
would be willing to sponsor me on this package. I have made it
available from 
Once I get my key signed I will jump into the new maintainers queue
and be hopefully ready soon to take full responsibility for Scid.

Peter van Rossum, Department of Mathematics, University of Nijmegen, 
Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Phone: +31-24-3652997,
E-mail: petervr@sci.kun.nl, Gpg id: 876B252F, fingerprint: 0A8B DC57 8340
AC3B 4D20 46C7 623E 49E0 876B 252F

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