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ITP: scalable-cyrfonts -- Scalable Cyrillic fonts for X and TeX

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


I will try to be ready with the TeX part of this package before the
woody freezes, but I cannot promis.

Package: scalable-cyrfonts
Description: Scalable Cyrillic fonts for X and TeX
 This package provides free Cyrillic PostScript fonts for use by the X
 server or font server.  Via fonts.alias they provide Cyrillic
 analogues of the popular `times', `helvetica' and `courier' font
 This package installs also virtual fonts and TeX font metric data
 (TFM) files to help using these fonts in LaTeX, pdfLaTeX and dvips.

License: The fonts will be collected from different sources.  Some of
them are GPL, others use XFree-alike license.

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