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first short explanation:

ITP = Intent to package
ITW = Intent to write/wrote
ITP = Intent to maintain

or call it what you like.

I wrote, maintain and packaged dput for debian, which is an enhanced
replacemnet for dupload. The functionality in the uploaded version 0.4

- Uploading a non-US package to an host other then non-us will result in
  an error mesage.
- Checks for orig.tar.gz and tar.gz in cases where they are needed or
  not and warnings to the user if appropriate.
- Signature Test against the .changes and .dsc-File
- md5sum-Test against all files to upload.
- Run only the checks without uploading the package.

And a lot more of stuff will follow, like guessing the host to upload
the package to. <Advocacy> So remove dupload and start using dput.
</Advocacy> Commnents and Suggestion are welcome.

          Debian Developer and Quality Assurance Team Member
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