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Re: ITP: task-cyrillic -- Cyrillic environment

On  3.II.2001 at  1:05 Peter Novodvorsky wrote:
> ++ 02/02/01 20:07 +0200 - Anton Zinoviev:
> > 
> > task-cyrillic installs programs, data files and documentation that makes
> > it easier to use Cyrillic.
> > 
> > There are packages, that are specific to the Russian language.  This why
> > it makes sense to have task-russian package.
> > 
> > On the other side the non-Russian Cyrillic users want Cyrillic
> > environment too.  And the non-Russian Cyrillic environment is not the
> > same as the Russian environment, so they couldn't use the package
> > task-russian.  They will use the package task-cyrillic, that is not
> > language-specific.
> Can you say, on what languages it will depend than? 

I am not sure I understand you. task-cyrillic is not limited to concrete
languages.  It provides Cyrillic environment as good as the other Debian
packages can make it.

It will install documentation to make easier to use Cyrillic and the
language of this documentation does not big matter.  The Belarusian and
Ukrainian people can read Russian.  The Macedonian people can read
Bulgarian and Serbian.  I am Bulgarian, but I can read Serbian and
Russian. Etc.

> BTW, I'm currently trying to get Yann to add console-cyrillic to 
> console-tools.

Good.  Please don't forget about cp1251.acm.gz.  And in case that Yann
doesn't want to include all fonts from console-cyrillic, then let he at
least replaces the brocken fonts Cyr_a8x16, Cyr_a8x14, Cyr_a8x8,
alt-8x16, alt-8x14, alt-8x8, altb-8x16, altc-8x16 with their newer
versions from the package console-cyrillic.

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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