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hosts, resolv setup?

No hits at debian-user, trying debian-devel.

Can someone explain to me how to set up /etc/hosts and
/etc/resolv.conf for ssh (and similar programs) _not_ to search for my
local network host names using the external nameservers in

The local network is built up with NICs. I'm not using bind on my
debian host. It's installed on the gateway, but I dont think its
configured correctly. (Is bind really needed? In case, how to
configure bind correctly? Pointers?)

/etc/hosts: localhost host1.my.own.domain host1 host2.my.own.domain host2
etc ...

search my.own.domain
nameserver xxx.yyy.zzz.www # External name server 1

Anything else to set up?
Eg.  /etc/nsswitch.conf: 
hosts:      files nisplus nis dns


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