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hot to apt-get from two computers to minimize internet traffic?

  I have two computers at home with dial-up internet access. I have
debian installed on one of them and will install debian on the other
one. They will use lot of same packages (but not exactly the same ones).
Is it possible to use one of them as sort of apt-get cache so that the
common packages are downloaded only once? The way I see it is: one
computer works as it used to, the other one is set so that it first
tries to get package from the first one, if it's not there only then it
goes out to the 'net and downloads that package... or something like

  both computers are same architecture (i386) and will use same distro

  also, does it make sense to share some parts of distro? I can see that
I wouldn't want to share /etc but what about /usr?


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