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Re: i18n and info files

In Sun, 4 Feb 2001 16:56:36 +0000 W. cum veritate scripsit :


> while I find language specific subdirectories under /usr/\
> share/man (like de, de_DE, it, ...), I don't find such
> directories under /usr/share/info.  Do I miss something?
> How does Debian organise info files for different languages?
> I ask, because I like to package sth. with info
> documentation in both english and french.

As far as I know, info does not really work happily with directories, 
and it does not have anything in mind for i18n.

> Thanks for any hint!

uekawa:/usr/share/info>ls mew.*
mew.info-1.gz  mew.info.gz        mew.jis.info.gz     mew.ujis.info.gz
mew.info-2.gz  mew.jis.info-1.gz  mew.ujis.info-1.gz
mew.info-3.gz  mew.jis.info-2.gz  mew.ujis.info-2.gz

This is one way it is already done, and I think we might need something.


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