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Re: Debian PPPOE and Pacific Bell DSL?

>>>>> "Brent" == Brent Fulgham <brent.fulgham@xpsystems.com> writes:

    Brent> Lots of you Debian guys in the bay area must be using
    Brent> Pacific Bell's DSL service.  Have any of you gotten it
    Brent> working under Debian?

Yup, working here for a while.

    Brent> I'm confounded because a Windows machine can connect over
    Brent> the modem, but my Debian box keeps timing out waiting for a
    Brent> concentrator to respond to the inquiry packets (for PPP
    Brent> over Ethernet).

Let it wait.  If you've just rebooted from Windows, Pac Bell doesn't
let you log back in for up to 10 minutes (yes, it's ridiculous.) I'll
bet that'll solve it.


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